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Aug 27, 2015 WinCustomize Forums Didn't receive product keys Wizard1956 Always on the ball! <:)
Jul 13, 2015 WinCustomize Forums Having a triple heart by-pass tomorrow.... BoXXi
Jul 13, 2015 WinCustomize Forums how can i make a deskscapes gallery of my own on wincustomize RedneckDude You linker, you...
Mar 23, 2015 WinCustomize Forums Mac Tips Anyone? RedneckDude Good one,
Feb 27, 2015 WinCustomize Forums Mr. Spock has died. RedneckDude Awesome!
Jan 01, 2015 WinCustomize Forums This is how to recognize ignorant Americans :) Wizard1956 For times gone by. <:)
Jan 01, 2015 WinCustomize Forums This is how to recognize ignorant Americans :) teddybearcholla Perfect! *hugs*
Nov 15, 2014 WinCustomize Forums The Week in Skinning RedneckDude
Sep 24, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday Jafo! DrJBHL
Aug 12, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Robin Williams is Gone…at age 63 DrJBHL
Jul 23, 2014 WinCustomize Forums I will never subscribe to stardock products again. Shocking Wizard1956 Yes we can, you are so right.
Jul 15, 2014 Stardock Forums Purchased Object Desktop renewal yet programs won't activate despite saying they did gilly775 Helpful advice
Jul 01, 2014 Stardock Forums Really, I can only install the latest FENCES on ONE Computer? [Updated] sdRohan Just cause...
Mar 15, 2014 WinCustomize Forums 2014 Grand Prix Season and My 30 Years Wizard1956 Way beyond Cool! <:)
Dec 15, 2013 WinCustomize Forums What happened to Global Warming? petrossa insightful
Dec 03, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Wizard1956 na Highle effective for punkin's..... so why not?
Dec 03, 2013 WinCustomize Forums I’ll Take My Amazon Drone Delivery Now Please DPCloud
Dec 01, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DrJBHL na
Nov 11, 2013 WinCustomize Forums "Thank you for your service." DrJBHL Perfect.
Oct 12, 2013 WinCustomize Forums RANT! DPCloud lmao
Oct 12, 2013 WinCustomize Forums The best bug out vehicle Wizard1956 now that IS funny
Oct 07, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DPCloud na For teaching me the right way.
Sep 28, 2013 Stardock Forums Trying out Windows Blinds-How do I change task bar color Borg999 Thanks for your quick replies!
Sep 03, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DPCloud na twerked
Aug 21, 2013 WinCustomize Forums It's Zubaz Day! Zubaz
Jul 06, 2013 WinCustomize Forums July 2013 Desktop Screenshots DPCloud
Jul 04, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday America! DrJBHL
Jun 22, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DPCloud na B-day karma
Jun 11, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Download iconpacker Wizard1956 Helpful link, and to get you to 400. <;)
Apr 28, 2013 WinCustomize Forums RESOLVED - WB 7 build 220 crashes MS Outlook DrJBHL Quickdraw McHank strikes again. :)
Apr 12, 2013 WinCustomize Forums This just in from Canada... DrJBHL For a hugely grand funny!
Mar 27, 2013 WinCustomize Forums I'm still alive, but don't feel like it k10w3 For showing the love.
Dec 20, 2012 WinCustomize Forums sViz Has A Birthday sViz Thank you!
Dec 03, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Concerned About Buying Object Desktop (Subscription) Wizard1956 I gotta learn to search faster.<;)
Sep 02, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Trial error DaveRI Well done. Thank you.
Aug 26, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Dom Deluise and Johnny Carson -The Egg Trick DPCloud I’ve always liked that one.
Aug 21, 2012 WinCustomize Forums How do you install downloaded docks? gemini0221 FUNNY!
Jul 29, 2012 WinCustomize Forums July 2012 Desktop Screenshots DrJBHL Well said.
Jul 08, 2012 Stardock Forums Downloading OD plus... sautzer verry helpful post
Jul 08, 2012 WinCustomize Forums download link Wizard1956 a picture is worth a thousand posts <;)
May 09, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday CarGuy1 CarGuy1 Thanks for the Happy Birthday greeting
May 07, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Dream Wanted 4 Amen Ra neone6 For stopping the kaos
May 02, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday "sAARGe" sAARGe sweet bday wishes
Mar 15, 2012 WinCustomize Forums SDC Problem Wizard1956 ...but RnD is such an easy target. <;)
Mar 10, 2012 Stardock Forums What versions of the programs actually come with Object Desktop? Shimizoki Helpful Response.
Feb 02, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Well, it's Shaunna's Birthday! Hide the bloody Cabbage! mrs_starkers thank youxxx
Jan 27, 2012 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Kostiantyn na Helping.
Jan 24, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Customer account > How ?? RedneckDude You are always a good one. Good for what? One never knows....
Jan 22, 2012 Stardock Forums Ordered or not ordered??? adidassg2puma Helped me out
Dec 26, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, Philly! Philly0381 Thank you
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