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Feb 26, 2014 Elemental Forums [eMOD] [LH 2.0] XtraDeconstruct: Legacy of Magic (2016-05-10) Primal_Savage Tx for reporting this!
Feb 16, 2014 Elemental Forums [eMOD] [LH 2.0] XtraDeconstruct: Legacy of Magic (2016-05-10) Primal_Savage Good idea. Tx.
Feb 09, 2014 Elemental Forums [eMOD] [LH 2.0] XtraDeconstruct: Legacy of Magic (2016-05-10) Primal_Savage Tx for your interest. I look forward to some more feedback! :-)
Oct 24, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Wizard1956 na Evil karma <;)
Mar 11, 2013 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Always on DRM *cough* Sim City *cough* myfist0 To anyone else:
Dec 30, 2012 Elemental Forums [eMOD] Stormworld 1.5x for FE 1.32 Nick-Danger For the info on a Civ4 mod!
Dec 03, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Advent Begins; the King is Coming! Wizard1956 Karma to you sir, for your refreshing and oh so satisfying reply! <;)
Nov 30, 2012 Elemental Forums a few upgrading questions viltris answered my question
Nov 08, 2012 Elemental Forums Guys, the point was over there. NaytchSG A nod to Lord Dunsany
Oct 27, 2012 Elemental Forums Getting owned (in easy) globalob For being helpful
Oct 21, 2012 Elemental Forums Countdown: 2 days to release Bletchley_Geek Remembering The Corporate Machine
Oct 21, 2012 Elemental Forums Windows XP users: Getting better performance on FE M_Valentino gamebooster tip
Oct 08, 2012 Elemental Forums The Home Stretch: Have we succeeded? JackArbiter This post is hilarious.
Sep 21, 2012 Elemental Forums [.98-BUG]Am i the only one who can´t build markets and the merchant cross bazzar in towns? cugeldaclever for the clarification on when the market patch will be available
Aug 30, 2012 Elemental Forums [Suggestion] A solution to keep the game's flavour intact after midgame begins. simon_doe for being nice
Aug 19, 2012 Elemental Forums 0.95 Can you cancel non-aggression pacts? stein220 yes, non-agression pact =/= come sleep on my couch and eat all my food.
May 04, 2012 Elemental Forums [BUG 0.912] Mage bolts come from side of screen scifi1950 Great sense of humor.
Apr 23, 2012 Elemental Forums BETA 3: Verdict! Napean It's Stardock's game comment in the Beta3 verdict post.
Apr 21, 2012 Elemental Forums Permanent disabilities for battle deaths: yes or no? Karail Good point, well made.
Apr 17, 2012 Elemental Forums Beta 3 Status Update OrionM42 You made a good point, using a real world illustration, and deserved some support.
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