Stardock Summer Vacation
Jul 6, 2015 8:00

Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Monday, June 29th and we will be returning on Monday, July 6th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time, but expect delays in responses during this time.


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Karma Received
When Site Where From Who Link Reason
Aug 28, 2009 WinCustomize Forums You're Banned!: The Forum Game Wizard1956 banned karma for being funny <;)
Jul 25, 2009 Stardock Forums You're Banned!: The Forum Game yngmon lol..................nice one.....
Jun 19, 2009 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums You're Banned!: The Forum Game koda0 There's a Linkin Park fan in the house!
Jun 04, 2009 Stardock Forums Sinners - your favorite Sin's tale guywhoyoudontno pretty amazing pirate star flag wars...thing. keep it real.
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