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Apr 28, 2015 WinCustomize Forums 4K Dreams... doctorwizz
May 18, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Windows 8 benmanns for clearing things up
Apr 11, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Whoever gave me Karma today, and then retracted it a couple hours later... Wizard1956 Drive-by 'car'ma. <;)
Nov 18, 2013 WinCustomize Forums CarGuy1's Profile benmanns you made me laugh
Nov 17, 2013 Stardock Forums Deskscapes cant play video dream supernovax thanks
Mar 10, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Need help installing an mpeg 2 decoder Wizard1956 You're a good guy, CG! <:)
Feb 28, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Win 8: No support for desktop collage and most of the other premium dreams. Will that change? Asound He gave me a tip, which should fix my problem, not tested yet. But someone else already tested it succesfully.
Jan 02, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DocWilson na After downloading your Harbor Town Sunset dream I decided to give a bit of Karma for your wonderful creation.
Dec 20, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Gotta-have Skins Wizard1956 You can always .dream <;)
Nov 27, 2012 WinCustomize Forums The Car Talk Thread: What do you have? RedneckDude Thanks again for the upgrade. You're a swell guy.
Nov 01, 2012 WinCustomize Forums One More Reason To Dislike Windows 8 RedneckDude Thanks again. You're a great guy!!
Oct 20, 2012 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile RedneckDude na You are a great guy!!!
Oct 12, 2012 Stardock Forums Question about DeskSpaces on Win 7 64 bit littlenoe helpful
Oct 12, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Question about DeskSpaces on Win 7 64 bit Wizard1956 Fire the Tech! <;)
Sep 07, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Norton Claims Fences2_beta1_setup.exe is not safe Wizard1956 Norton hater karma<;)
Aug 14, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, Po'Smedley! PoSmedley Thank you. Now get a red car. I hate the green one.
Jul 01, 2012 WinCustomize Forums FREE TO GOOD HOME !!!!!!! RedneckDude Very funny!! Where's my dream?
Jul 01, 2012 WinCustomize Forums FREE TO GOOD HOME !!!!!!! Wizard1956 Good one, CG! <:)
Jun 18, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Over One Million Served Wizard1956 1,000,000 ! congrats.<:)
Jun 16, 2012 WinCustomize Forums Over One Million Served DrJBHL 1,000,000 dl karma!
Feb 18, 2012 GalCiv II Forums It ain't fun no more WTF!!! Neilo Yup, doing the same thing myself...i love it when the duck gets on a roll!
Dec 10, 2011 WinCustomize Forums I cannot play Trinity from Steam at all Wizard1956 Very well said. <:)
Dec 01, 2011 WinCustomize Forums DesktopX 4 and DesktopX 4 Pro Beta Updates RedneckDude Thanks
Nov 12, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Steam Hacked tazgecko Steam info
Oct 03, 2011 WinCustomize Forums 2099 and Wincustomize rules Wizard1956 Now that's funny, right there! <;)
Aug 25, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Doc's got a cool new Avatar DrJBHL Bullseye, Mike. I loved that song. I think it was 1966. The Royal Guardsmen. :)
Aug 18, 2011 WinCustomize Forums How Long Have You Been Here? RedneckDude Funny
Jul 14, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Removing Sound Wizard1956 good answer<;)
Jul 07, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Product Registrations and You! Wizard1956 thanks,good to be back!
Jun 21, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, Quentin! ArileenDesign For the Birthday Wish :)
Jun 18, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, Curtis! cplair Because I love you dude!
Jun 18, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Congrats to Xiandi, WC’s Newest Master Skinner! Xiandi Thank you! :)
Jun 07, 2011 WinCustomize Forums May Screenshot of the Month! DrJBHL Good on ya, Mike. Glad you said what needed saying.
May 14, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Charley theAVMAN For Charley :)
May 09, 2011 WinCustomize Forums It's Carguy1's Birthday! Celebrate! DrJBHL Birthday Karma for a great guy! :)
May 08, 2011 WinCustomize Forums “The” Internet? No. “Your” Internet? DrJBHL Tahnks for the Scroogle link, Mike. :)
May 07, 2011 WinCustomize Forums dual monitor dream? RedneckDude lowering the bitrate for a redneck!
Feb 25, 2011 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums PS3 Hackers being Banned, but where is the line of "Ownership" ? Kitkun Excellent comeback.
Feb 19, 2011 GalCiv II Forums Videos and Dreams Not Playing as They Should? Scoutdog Ok, you may have done that by mistake.... but it was still so frakking FUNNY!!!!!!
Feb 15, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Help, I've fallen and I can't get up. IROKONESS Karma for my Dream Master. Thank-you so much for your help. Hope you have a great day.
Feb 01, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Here's a neat trick for viewing your "My Skins list" frankell thanks for the trick
Jan 22, 2011 WinCustomize Forums Game icons ( request ) ne_zavarj for the help
Jan 14, 2011 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Pizentu na Thanx for the help.
Jan 02, 2011 WinCustomize Forums The Penultimate New Master for 2010 - theAVMAN theAVMAN Thank you very much!! :)
Dec 27, 2010 WinCustomize Forums IR Brainiac skins I.R. Brainiac thanks man
Dec 19, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Deskscapes on XP - Problem! Ladysarajane Very helpful in helping to solve a problem
Dec 14, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Great Microsoft Windows 7 Holiday Themes DrJBHL Thanx, bud...I can always count on you for help.
Dec 10, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Welcome WC’s Newest Mod–DrJBHL! DrJBHL Thanx, my friend!
Oct 24, 2010 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Jimbo9294 na Your Tutorials for Dreams... :)
Oct 09, 2010 WinCustomize Forums Windowblinds Acting Up DrJBHL For helping old Po'. :)
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