Stardock Closed for the Holidays
Jan 5, 2015 8:45

Stardock's offices will be closed in observance of the holiday season from December 19th until January 5th, 2015.

During this time there will be a delay in answering support tickets, so we ask for your patience during the holiday period.  While we will keep tabs on the tickets during the break, we will respond to them as quickly as possible upon our return.  

On behalf of the Stardock staff we wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to the new year!

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Dec 10, 2014 Galactic Civilizations III Forums Pirating is so easy! DARCA1213 please give me karma!
Dec 07, 2014 Galactic Civilizations III Forums Pirating is so easy! DARCA1213 so true
Nov 18, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Dr... Having Trouble Creating Fences RedneckDude Title edit.
Oct 31, 2014 GalCiv II Forums The Political Adds in my State. DARCA1213 Governor Jafo of Michigan, presiding.
Oct 23, 2014 WinCustomize Forums CD Check - An Invaluable Tool RedneckDude Awesome find!!
Oct 22, 2014 Elemental Forums Start 8 Gandhialf :P
Oct 09, 2014 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums It’s Windows 10! Zeta1127 Well said!
Oct 01, 2014 Galactic Civilizations III Forums It’s Windows 10! DARCA1213 fuck yes!
Sep 30, 2014 Stardock Forums As of Saturday, Sunday I Will be Homeless. the_Monk ".your yankee roots are showing.." I'm still laughing from reading this hours ago... ;)
Sep 23, 2014 Stardock Forums What Version Of Windows To Use... the_Monk excellent!
Aug 29, 2014 WinCustomize Forums 3 things that have made gaming social media more toxic Wizard1956 Agree 100 percent
Aug 12, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Robin Williams is Gone…at age 63 DrJBHL
Aug 07, 2014 Little Tiny Frogs Forums The game industry’s problem with misogyny Athena
Jul 31, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Why does my status not change to citizien after logged in ?? bluedxca93 quick and efficient reply thx
Jul 16, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Run multiple instances of applications Wizard1956
Jul 08, 2014 Elemental Forums Karma Primal_Savage CookieJafo
Jul 07, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Karma Wizard1956 Cookies, any flavour.
Jul 03, 2014 WinCustomize Forums July 2014 Desktop Screenshots IZODuser
Jun 30, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Zorin OS RedneckDude effwits is right
Jun 28, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Jafo's Profile RedneckDude na You have such a nice underline.....
Jun 25, 2014 Stardock Forums Really, I can only install the latest FENCES on ONE Computer? [Updated] Xessive
May 23, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday Stramp (John) Stramp For leadership, kindness, direction & birthday wishes!
May 11, 2014 Galactic Civilizations III Forums I win! DARCA1213 Jafo!
Apr 10, 2014 Elemental Forums Windows 8.1 Rant BernieTime
Apr 03, 2014 WinCustomize Forums Is it possible to have the Windows XP "Luna" theme on my Windows 7 computer without using WindowsBlinds? neone6 For obvious reasons
Feb 16, 2014 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile neone6 na You ROCK !! Thanx for setting the record Straight on BIOSPHERE thread!
Feb 15, 2014 WinCustomize Forums What happened to Global Warming? Disturbedcomputer supreme benefit of actually not caring about your opinion and that of others who deny the reality of human-engineered global warming.
Feb 11, 2014 Galactic Civilizations III Forums What happened to Global Warming? parrottmath Thanks for defending mathematics
Jan 26, 2014 GalCiv II Forums The Truth About Fast Boot and Windows 8 MottiKhan LOL! Classic.
Dec 19, 2013 WinCustomize Forums sViz has a birthday Uvah Merry Christmas
Dec 11, 2013 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums What movie do you think best predicts the future? Magron
Dec 07, 2013 WinCustomize Forums A General Solution to Poverty Wizard1956 Yep, wi11
Dec 06, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Botnet and infected Malware exposes 2,000,000 Passwords LightStar For saying what I wanted to say perfectly!
Nov 29, 2013 WinCustomize Forums What movie do you think best predicts the future? LizMarr
Nov 26, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile neone6 na For being generally happy on my post =)
Nov 17, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Sounds for Windows Quicksilver007 Great work for the community
Nov 12, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Comparing Sweden/Finland/Denmark vs. other countries DPCloud lol
Oct 29, 2013 WinCustomize Forums "Remember the Alamo" doortech1 The plane thing,lol.
Oct 15, 2013 Elemental Forums The American constitution isn't very complicated Kantok For NOT locking this thread or banning Chibiabos despite him outright insulting Frogboy several times over in post #58. I'm curious to see how he responds.
Oct 09, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DPCloud na For the lesson, thx!
Sep 24, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DPCloud na B-day karma
Sep 21, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Garden Thieves! DPCloud
Sep 13, 2013 WinCustomize Forums "new" iPhones DPCloud
Aug 31, 2013 WinCustomize Forums New at this, need guidance DaveRI I've always admired your clarity :)
Aug 26, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 3 reasons your iPad should be part of your emergency kit teddybearcholla Exactly...I'm too old and tired to do much else!
Aug 14, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Happy Birthday, PoSmedley and ShippD ! DPCloud
Aug 14, 2013 Little Tiny Frogs Forums The best bug out vehicle Frogboy
Aug 09, 2013 WinCustomize Forums Discussions on political issues prohibited in this sub-forum. DrJBHL
Jul 19, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile DPCloud na good-will gesture on their part
Jun 28, 2013 WinCustomize Forums 's Profile Wizard1956 na Paragraph karma. <;)
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