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Jan 05, 2016 GalCiv II Forums Games you played in 2015 Maiden666 Splinter Cell CT !!!
Feb 12, 2015 Sorcerer King Forums City Sieges NaytchSG Sneaky snark! :)
Sep 09, 2014 Stardock Forums How much money do you spend on your games? springning
Aug 09, 2014 Gamers Bill of Rights Forums Impulse/Gamestop PC Downloads has given its last breath GhostMatter
Dec 03, 2013 Stardock Forums The Middle Market is not dying Bellack
Aug 25, 2012 Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Why boycotts fail where whining tantrums win myfist0 Complainers rock
Sep 14, 2011 Elemental Forums Fallen Enchantress- Production, Population and Terrain leeboy26 Some good points there chief.
Sep 13, 2011 Elemental Forums Fallen Enchantress- Production, Population and Terrain TorinReborn great post
Aug 16, 2011 Elemental Forums Is “The Age of the PC" coming to an end? WhiteElk Well said! Concise.
Aug 06, 2010 Stardock Forums Pc Requirements ? RagingSquirrel Useful answer to technical question. Thanks!
May 22, 2010 Elemental Forums Tyranids and Zerg Tasunke For direct answer
May 17, 2010 Elemental Forums Should the basic Attack & Defense mechanic work like in Master of Magic? Vallu751 For a good post on combat rules.
Feb 03, 2010 Elemental Forums Elemental February Status Report Sparhawk4242 I like his opinion
Aug 14, 2009 Elemental Forums A feminists complains about StarCraft MatBerryman2 Lol that was funny
Apr 09, 2009 Elemental Forums Elemental: Tactical battles Climber well said
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