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I can't seem to find any references to campaign questions, a help site, or any walkthrough site. On the first 2 campaign senarios I never even did anything and acheived Victory through the other teamed races. On this third senario the Dread Lords are on the loose thanks to the Drengin and I have been wiped out repeatedly by single dread ships over and over. I have tried getting at least one ship in orbit of each planet to prevent invasion and before I can get far enough up the tech tree to have comparable attack ship sizes or planetary invasion they send out one or 2 attck ships with anywhere between 35 to 51 attack just planet hop with their transports right behind. Is there any formula or strategy to playing the campaign? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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April 17, 2006 1:44:51 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I've a feeling you may need to work with the economy sliders a bit because it sounds like you are researching very slowly. By time the DL found me in their first campaign mission I had a military starbase up with full assist modules and a couple fleeted fighters with minimal defense. With the starbase assist, those fighters were able to hold their own while I worked up the tech tree. Before long I needed 3 fighters fleeted together and had to rotate between 3 fleets to let them repair. Then the DL started attacking on two sides at the same time....a bit more dicey. Keep in mind that most people advocate having a troop transport ready for whenever the DL take a planet...then immediately retaking it from them. That practice usually nets you an advanced tech. I took 5 planets from the DL and got only 1 tech... mind you it was a rather powerful weapon that allowed me to upgrade my ships and stay competitive. The entire time I'm trading the fruits of my research to my team for other techs and cash. Keeping the team tech'd up allows them to compete better as well. Eventually the DL lost so many ships against my (then paired) military starbases that my teammates were able to take back most of their lost territory. With that done I sent out a handfull of fleets along with several constructors to the DL main outpost, built a military starbase (with add-ons) and destroyed the remnants of the DL fleet while my transports were on the way. By time the transports arrived the planet was ready to be over. I had all of 3 planets colonized.

Others will do a full planet grab,etc as there is more than one way to win. The idea is the DL will hit hard and fast and you have to be prepared to at least take out their troop transports. If I hadn't gotten the one tech from retaking one of their worlds, I never would have won.
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April 17, 2006 3:02:29 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
There has been a lot of discussion in the dev. journals about game balance. In v1.1 the logistics cost of large and huge ships was increased for the sake of balance. However, there remains a much bigger combat imbalance. The attacker gets a HUGE advantage! In v1.0X.010, I was able to complete all the Dead Lords campaigns up to and including Exploitation (the one after Apocalypse), playing at level Tough, without losing any combat ships (just scouts, constructors, and starbases)!!! If you attack you fire before the enemy and if you can take him out in the first round he never gets to fire! The odd time I failed to do this my ships had leveled up enough to absorb a hit from a Dead Lords ship and then took it out in the second round. The Dread Lords ships are fast but in order to exploit the attack advantage you also need to see the enemy before he sees you. When selecting my race abilities I choose 50% attack and +2 sensor bonus.

In all but the last mission I would take out fighters with 3 fighters (each with warp drive and 2 plasma1 weapons). Later I would take out the frigates with 4 fighters (each with warp drive and 3 plasma3 weapons). In the final mission I lucked out by stealing "Black Hole Gun" from the Dread Lords when I captured one of their captured planets in Jan. 2226 (just one year into the mission). By the middle of 2226 I had "Eyes of the Universe" and I was pumping out frigates with 2 warp engines, 2 black hole guns, and lots of range! By the middle of 2227 the Drengin and Yor started pumping out fighters and frigates with the "Black Hole Eruptor" which they got from the Korx who stole it from the Dread Lord's. However, I was able to pick off these ships with my fleets as they appeared in orbit around their planets. A little later I invaded the last of the Dread Lords planets to end the mission.

In the interest of combat balance would it not be better to have both sides fire at the same time!?

Another problem is many bonuses are lost because floating-point values are rounded down when typecast to integer. Brad, gave an example where a ship with attack 8 and attack bonus 10% gets no bonus because 8.8 rounds down to 8! If 0.5 was added before typecasting to integer then values would round off to the NEAREST and bonuses to applied to small numbers would not be lost.

p.s. In the Dread Lords Apocalypse campaign, after getting advanced weapons tech by stealing it from the Dread Lords or from tech trading, the AI continued to research low level weapons techs. Why?!
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April 17, 2006 4:22:53 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
No. The game functions as designed. There always is an advantage to who shoots first. Happens in the real world.

Think naval battles.. whoever shoots first can destroy turrets/guns possibly hull/magazines and/or inflict enough damage to sink/destroy a ship and return fire (by that ship anyway) may be impossible.

Why did submarines become so popular? They could be undetected and fire the first shot.

Do unto others before they do unto you.
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April 17, 2006 5:01:26 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
The First shot advantage holds very true over short distances (such that the shot hits before the slower force can get off a shot).

It's not so true over longer distances (think in terms of a global nuclear exchange to get the appropriate scale).

Space, as they say, is very big. In most cases the slower force would detect the faster group early enough to give them time to get off reactionary fire before being wiped out - less effective than normal fire.

To be honest, it doesn't bother me either way. Ambushes are still possible in relativistic combat. The target detects the incoming fire before detecting the origin of that the time they locate the attackers they are already hit.
This is makes the first shot advantage counterable by having the more advanced sensor systems - if you detect the attackers before you get hit, you can get a shot off in return.

Just my 2p...thought I'd throw it in and see which way up it landed.
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