Help win 8 preparing automatic repair stuck at diagnostic window

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I have win 8.1 and The repair tool options do not work. I know a bit about computers but I am not a wiz by any means.

I've never reinstalled a OS like win 8 on a dell computer  before. I'm not sure what to expect.

IN the repair tool I have the option to refresh my os and that does not work. The other option is to do everything from scratch. This is where I am a bit scared. I don't really care about my date it's all backed up on a secondary drive. What I am worried about is only having my dell factory disk. Is win 8 on that disk and at what time will I need it?

I wanted to boot from the cd drive but I do not have that option and I am not sure what to do in the bios to make that work.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I have a Dell XPS 8500 (windows 8.1) and the dvd they game me with the computer is Drivers and Utilities. It says on the disk use this disc only to reinstall the software already installed on your computer. (does this mean win 8 is also on this disk?)

I need to know how to proceed. I guess the OS is corrupted somehow and I need a fresh install. Will this disk do it and how should I proceed.

Thank you for all your help.

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June 17, 2014 7:55:33 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Drivers and Utility disks  normaly only have drivers and utilitys on it and not windows8.
As far as i understand the computer came with a preinstalled OS that is now bugged in some way a little bit more info of the problem would help in sorting things out.

If you have not changed anything in your bios your dvd cd drive should be set up as first boot device if not your splash screen (the very first screen you see when you turn of your computer) should have commands for the boot menu listed. Fkeys

If your PC still boots up and you get to your desktop you have a option to make a system restore no cd is needed to do so.
To make that happen simply navigate your mouse cursor to the right of your screen wait until the charms bar pops up then select settings then on the bottom (on off)
now press and hold shift on your keyboard and press restart

You should then get into troubleshoot now click the button advanced options then system restore.


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June 17, 2014 8:51:48 PM from Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Sins of a Solar Empire Forums

First off, you should make a windows 8.1 ISO so that you will always be able to reinstall the operating system.

The website above will provide you with ESDs (basically the windows installer) for windows 8.1 (with the spring update)...I'd suggest clicking on the "Direct permalinks" link and then selecting from there which version you have (N versions are for countries that don't allow certain proprietary content to be included in the OS, usually media player stuff)...the thread I've linked has all the stuff you need to create an ISO from the ESD you download...

In order to install and activate windows, you will need your windows product key...if your computer came with windows 8.1, then you are in good shape...if your computer came with windows 8 only and then you later upgraded to windows 8.1, things will be a bit trickier...while a W8 key will activate W8.1, only a W8.1 key can be used to initiate the installation of bypass this, you'll need to create a ei.cfg file and put it with your W8.1 installation files (google this or ask here if you need help with that) can add this file to the ISO after the ISO has already been created, so don't worry about that....

Once you got that figured out, either burn the ISO to a DVD or put it on a formatted flashdrive...the flashdrive needs to be formatted to FAT32 and big enough to hold the ISO (4 GBs should be enough)...I'd suggest the flashdrive since it's easier to change if you need to configure your install differently...

Then you are ready to install...have your computer boot from the USB flashdrive and you should be good...I'd recommend doing a UEFI install instead of a BIOS install (so when you pick your device to boot from, make sure it has "EFI" or "UEFI" in front of the name of the USB flashdrive)...this will allow you to use all those built-in recovery features in the future as well as enable Secure Boot...

EDIT:  Make sure that when you select which partition to install on, you delete all of them...when you then click on that single group of "unallocated space", you should then see 4 partitions created...that's what makes all the recovery features work...

This is by no means a comprehensive guide but the ESDs linked above are the key part and should get you on the right of luck...

As for drivers, I would suggest downloading the most recent ones and putting them on a flashdrive or external hard drive...

  1. Easy one is your graphics card driver...go to NVIDIAs or AMDs website and download what you need...
  2. You'll want your Intel drivers can get these from the intel website, you'll probably want to get the integrated graphics and the Wifi (if that's relevant)...your wifi could also be Broadcom or something else...
  3. If you know your Ethernet manufacturer, go to their website and get their most recent driver...
  4. You'll probably want an Audio driver, could be Realtek or Intel...
  5. If laptop, touchpad driver (probably Synaptics)
  6. You might have some other odds and ends like an SD card reader or CIR receiver...

General rule of them is to get as many drivers as possible directly from the manufacturer since they will have the most updated...then go to Dell's website and get whatever you couldn't find....usually this includes Dell specific software (like for touch button volume control, for example), possibly an Intel Management Engine (these are machine specific so you'll probably need to get this from Dell), and maybe some other things...



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