One fence is just.... gone.

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This is on v1.01.143, Windows 7 64-bit.  I've been using Fences without any issues for about 8 months now, but just recently switched to a dual monitor set-up. Didn't have any problems until my last boot, when all of the (unfenced) icons on the second monitor were jammed up under the (fenced) icons on the left side of my primary monitor.  

I sorted everything out and it worked fine, until I booted up this afternoon to find that the (still unfenced) icons on the second monitor are back mostly on the left side of the primary monitor, half of one column partially clipping onto the secondary monitor, and one of my fences, specifically the default one that's created during the install, is missing.  All my other fences are working fine, and according to c:\Users\...\Desktop those shortcuts still exist ~somewhere~ on the desktop, but I can't see it.  I found out Windows still thinks their on the desktop because I got a "this folder already exists" while I was trying to recreate the missing fence.

The "Choose a Layout" screen is showing every fences BUT the missing one.  I have no idea what's going on, anyone know? Have a way to get that fence back?


Thanks in advance for any help you might have.

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September 15, 2012 4:27:50 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Upgrade to the 1.10 or the 2.0 beta.

Or . . use the snapshot feature to restore a working setup (remove teh second monitor if you have to for that) tehn try enabling "Store fence sizes and positions on a per-screen-resolution basis" under the Fences settings -> Tools -> More Tools.

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