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Hello, why don't translate your game in french? You make good game, really but if fans make unofficial translation, it's not perfect and it's not for the last update.

Other question, 1.4 version is the final version or you works on another one update? The limit of 6 units is smallest, 8 is better and i can't go all my army in a boat, lonely 5 units.

Last question: I play the game to a friend. How purchase it in europe, in store? I find the game but lonely in ou with interesting price(2,32$in us, 15 canadian's $) but they dont't delivering in my country for us version, and canadian delivering the game in 28 weeks. And the stardock version is too more expensive and i don't find him on Steam or other.


Thank you


PS:Sorry, for my english



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July 2, 2012 5:57:17 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Translations are typically done by regional distributors, but Elemental was not released at retail in Europe, so there was no one to perform localization (we do not have the appropriate resources to do real localizations in-house). For the same reason, you would need to import it or purchase a digital download to get the game.

Fallen Enchantress supersedes War of Magic and that is where the focus will be going forward, so I wouldn't expect to see any further major updates to War of Magic.


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July 3, 2012 4:57:44 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

Thank you for your answer, I am impatient to play Fallen Enchantress because War of Magic possess of very good bases. More units on battlefields and the possibility of predefining a formation of fight( Archer behind, piquier in front for example), the possibility of converting the gold in food or mana, more possibility diplomatic as the submission or the exchange of spell and technology would be of the most certain as well as the dévellopement of the religion.In brief, I am impatient to play Fallen and I hope that the fans will translate the game, even if it her(it) would be easier to them if you publish the completeness of texts in English in a .txt file. Even I could make him(it) then. Still thank you and good day.

PS: and the possibility of putting a complete army of 6 units on a boat in war of magic would be brilliant


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