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I just bought objectdock yesterday. I played with it for about 3hours. Then I came in this forum. I notice that almost all post are always complaining. 

And i can't see some good suggestions. I like this app so i have to suggest what i want for this app to be on next update.

Here's my other suggestions:

1. add option minimize/restore animation speed.

2. add some animation/effect on minimize/restore like genie effect.

3. add exclusion program (running applications). i.e. i don't want photoshop to minimize on dock.

4. add drag-n-drop function. i.e. i have 1 minimized explorer and 1 maximized explorer. i drag a picture and hover on icon explorer on dock, then it will show a thumbnail. then i hover on minimized explorer thumbnail, then the minimized explorer will automatically restore and then you can drag the picture there.

5. add aeropeek skinning. 

6. improve lock dragging function. (rightclick dock, view, lock dragging - checked) when i drag (i.e.  a picture then hover on dock, icons on dock must not move.

7. add option to adjust the space of left and right of the separator. 


that's my suggestions for now. i hope you will consider my other suggestions. looking forward for the next update.

----sorry for not good in english---

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