gas powered games will join riot games to league of legends??

By on May 25, 2012 2:38:42 PM from Demigod Forums Demigod Forums


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I Ussually Play Demigod, I love the Champ Skill. Effect and the Otherthings.

but after my friends invite me to play league of legends ive found something good gameplay on there. more exiting battle and many more item to build updates all the time with low spec computer and slow connection but well graphic. but something i cant get there, "the demigod character and skill". 


i hope so demigod makes more updates and start development new gameplay with map similar league of legend we can spread and get together to gank and tactical attack.

from now on league of legends have 90+ champion. if stardock and gas powered games like to join riot games that will be a good gaming RTS online ever. so all the demigod players like to playing on they favourite demigod to challenge with league of legends champion. SHOW them who is the GOD!!!

i love it all demigod champion can be selected on league of legends. WHO VOTE FOR ME THIS POST??? VOTE AND SAID IT TO GAS POWERED GAMES TO MAKE A FORWARD STEP CHANGES.


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