OD has stopped working after Windows 7 update

By on April 30, 2012 2:36:09 PM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums


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Hiya all.

I've been using OD for years now, love it, totally lost without it. Like, just now.

I had a Windows 7 up date and then, on the restart, I cannot run OD. If I click it, it shows it in the task manager for a few seconds but then it just disappears. I've tried Run as Admin, but the same thing.

I know peeps are going to say 'roll back to a previous', but surely, the same Win up date will still do the same thing again???


Help please!

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April 30, 2012 4:03:56 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Have you tried uninstalling/rebooting/reinstalling OD?

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