Stuff I jotted down while playin - part 1 or to be continued or somethin

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I'd like to be able to see my allies territory (makes it really difficult to work together when you don't even know where they are)


I wouldn't mind neutral camps (trolls, ogres, spiders, & such) being able to spread & start another lair if the present lair grows to it's limits.

Would like some neutrals being less aggressive to your faction over time unless harassed (I'm a druid at heart & don't want to have to kill the poor wildlings) - Would really like some type of basic diplomacy with all neutrals that have a certain lvl of intelligence


I would like to be able to pay/convince one ai faction to stop attacking another


I want to be able to give factions & neutrals & wildlands, gifts to make them like me/ally with me/and grow stronger (I want those ogres over there to love me & kill for me & grow & grow & grow, all in their own natural way of doing things (ai controlled still))


Would be nice if neutrals after getting sooo strong would recieve a named leader unit of same type


Would like a toggle that would allow me to see the neutrals zones of control


An option to allow a neutral settlement to continue growing again under your banner but under ai control once you've beatten it


Neutrals should always have a 'strong' defence at there camp as well as there roaming parties (I just wait for them to move off the lair & take it)


I think the treaties (financial, tech, non-aggression pact, etc) should each give +1 to diplomacy love


Was thinkin that already having a war going on should matter more to the ai when dealing with diplomacy love (from current: we already have a war going on '+2' to '+3?') / or that the ai values up the '2' factions to be at war with to decide if it can take them both, this way they don't end up being at war with everyone they know & get overwhelmed


Traits - Counter Attack (Please give me this for my soldiers, I love to have the enemy run into a 'wall' when they come at me, only without this ability it doesn't pay off not to attack first)


I would like an option upon race/faction creation to select additional magic resistance (I realize one can do this when designing units to be built, but there should be a 'natural magic resist' option for creation factions


Would love to be able to make 'cursed' items as gifts for other factions (you know like a ring or a chip), perhaps the item I give them would allow me to see where whomever wore it was at all the time, or an amulate that absorbs anothers mana, or a ring that causes the wearer to switch sides in a battle against those/the sov that gave it, etc.


Was thinkin that the ai's diplomacy should have a buffer zone: 0-25% stronger military then no aggression bonus, 25-50% slight aggression bonus, 50-75% medium agg. bonus, 75-99% High agg bonus, 100%+ etc.


Are caves only quest related?, I havn't run across any yet & was wandering if it was my turtling or my lack of quest hunting.  I always enjoyed making neutrals/factions spawn in caves then go meandering around untill finally poping up out of this hole or that.


I believe some of these ideas would help to bring neutrals into actual minor factions of there own & would add soooo much spice to the game instead of them just being temp. cannon fodder only.  I can't help but think of some of the maps I made in Kohan II, the neutral camps could grow/multiply and could be assigned to an ai player that would be limited to those neutral camps only, was fun watching them grow in there isolated corner then all work together when at war.  This was one of the main complaints I had with Aos:sm, the neutrals couldn't grow/multiply, I had to make maps that had powerfull guardians in 'neutral' cities so they would last a while (boring), or use up one of the few (8-9) ai factions spread across the board with alot of tiny cities in an attempt to replicate fully functioning neutrals.








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