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Hey, guys.

I recently installed ObjectDock and it's a great future for Win7 but there's a few things that it lacks or some issues that I need help with.

I'd like to name a few:

  • I'd like to make ObjectDock's task bar fully transparent but still showing the arrows pointing to running programs. (Yes, I made it ~99% transparent but on darker backgrounds, it slightly shows the style.)
  • It doesn't auto-hide in a few cases, such as having Steam open.
  • I have the old Win7 task bar hidden away but when I run the Start Menu from ObjectDock's task bar, the icon from the old Win7 task bar shows up. It's very annoying because it gets in front of the programs I have open. (Even though I might just re-skin my Win7 to a better visual, so it's not a big deal, it's more of a must-fix issue.)
  • At first I hid away my old Win7 task bar, then I realized I wanted to change the sound volume, check my internet connection, check programs running in the background, etc. and I cannot do so if my old task bar is hidden away. Adding the notification icons to ObjectDock's task bar makes it look ugly and they're all blurry because of the resize. (As I stated previously, it's not a big deal because I might get a new visual.

For now I guess that's all. I might come up with more.

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