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Caravan Idea

By on September 7, 2011 2:47:21 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums


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what if caravans allowed others (& your own heros) to purchase items just like the shop in cities?  would be kinda neat to be a ways out from your city and in need of a new weapon/armor when low-and-behold you run across a neighbor's caravan carrying better quality goods than your city had anyway.  You get your goods & they get a cut of the caravans transactions.


and/or if the turn or two your neighbor's caravan stayed at your city you would be able to purchase their equipment without having to travel to their cities (I would love for my allies to be able to by better tech stuff from my caravans)


and/or perhaps you capture one of your enemies caravans, ofcourse you may knock it out or you could reason with the merchant & barter with him for twice the amount (Allowing you to purchase high tech equipment from atleast somewhere if ya & your allies don't have the good stuff)


I think this would prolly be easy to pull off on both games

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September 7, 2011 6:14:47 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

hrrrm,.... I suppose there is nothing wrong with that idea aside from possibly being not very exciting. Might be likely that most people would have other things they would be more exited about doing with the game before coming down to this idea?

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January 17, 2012 8:23:08 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I like this idea. And of course, the caravan would not be able to have a large quantity of goods, like a city would, so, you could only buy a limited amount to furnish upgrades to a few of your heroes.

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January 18, 2012 11:37:28 AM from Stardock Forums Stardock Forums

Don't get your hopes up about anything to do with caravans, a store interface update or the dynasty system.

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