Dwarf Fortress: Lets Play!

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I've heard a lot about Dwarf Fortress, and seen a lot of comparisons between it and, well, every other game containing building, simulation, or remotely related to the fantasy genre.  To start, I've installed the latest "lazy noob pack," as I am both lazy and a newb.  I know there are lots of tutorials, but having mastered all three Sims games, I feel fully confident to diving straight in.  I'm ready for all the "Fun" I can handle.

First, to setup the world. Straight down medium for me, I'm no cheat! The splines are reticulated, and my computer simulates the history of the entire world. The human fortress of "Radicok" (sounds like they must have radical...anyway) is made, as wella s a few other notable locations have their history generated. Thousands are born and die, and I see dots flash on my map. At last, Slozgo Xagu, "The Unverise of Visions" has been created.

I choose to play Dwarf Fortress (what else would I play anyway?! If I wanted to play Legends, I would have downloaded Legends. Jeez.) And setup in a Temperate Shrubland known as the "Hill of Flickering." I am not prepared to begin my journey.

Now, to chose my group. First, I need some slave-I mean miners. This will be no wimpy village, but a mighty underground monstrocity! They will be Vocap Soapenmouth and Orack Barama. I also need someone to find good, hard wood - Xord Lia should do the trick. Tim the Tool will make good use of that wood, he's always handy.

A builder will be needed to create my master piece fortress, and he must be Hella Badass. Lastly, I have two open spots - I suspect they will be doing busy work, but in truth I suspect they will sit around drinking. I shall name them Xaven Arr and Toad Kid.

Lastly, to name the fortress. Randomly will suffice - scrolling down the list and arbitrarily hitting enter, my group is named Orstiststukos, or "The Reclusive Razor." Sounds pretty sweet, so long as reclusive doesn't mean still-in-the-closet. The fortress is named "Nuralzagel Shistsak," which, roughly translated, means "Blindclosets of Starvation."

...I can tell already I am going to have LOTS of fun. Time to Embark!

Some basic marching orders out - cut down trees, gather berries, mine, Mine, MINE!

Tim the Tool starts filling up my lovely little hole in the ground to start an underground farm, which Orack lovingly carved out for him. Apparently Tim the Tool is the Expedition leader, and also a female. Go figure, you never really can tell with dwarves.

The farm's done, and a nice budding little fortress is started in the middle of the hillside. Come to Nuzalzagel: We have beds! The farm has some planting going on, and I assume my dwarves are awesome at it because they run in and out of the farm, and there are (full?) barrels in my stockpile. Yes, Dwarf Fortress is easy, easy, easy.

More fun to come!
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May 10, 2011 11:43:29 PM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

...I have no idea what happened to the formatting between wordpad and here, my apologies. 

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May 11, 2011 4:22:54 AM from Elemental Forums Elemental Forums

I've played it, its pretty awesome in how complex it is, but I wish they would make it mouse/user/menu friendly and make the graphics slightly better (I'm aware of the mods).

Even with those negatives I think its pretty awesome.

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