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whenever i use iconpackager to change the icon package (imagine that), the 'reserve top edge' option in objectdock needs to be reset. it still has the check to indicate the feature is still in use but it isn't functioning. a simple act of unchecking it and checking it again corrects the issue. i just wanted to point out a small bug that should be corrected in the future. i'm using the latest builds of OD and IP, btw. i thought this bug was related to my installation of winders but it's still there after installing another ssd and doing a clean install of winders.

btw, i'm running win7 ultimate 64. an easy way to reproduce the issue is to open 2 'my computer' windows and position them so they each take up half the screen and change icon packages with IP. well, it'll work if you have a tabbed dock located at the top of your screen .

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