Process: BCSSync.exe (Microsoft Office 2010 component)

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BCSSync.exe - General Information
BCSSync.exe (Microsoft Office 2010 component)
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Office 2010
Default location:
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office14\BCSSync.exe
BCSSync.exe - Description and Recommendation
BCSSync.exe is part of SharePoint Server 2010 which is part of Office 2010 suit. BCSSync.exe is responsible for providing automatic cache refresh and data sync with Sharepoint. If you are not using Sharepoint or you don't want cache data to be sync, you can disable this item at start up. DO NOT remove the file as it's a component of Office 2010 and removing it might cause Office 2010 to fail.
BCSSync.exe - Uninstall Techniques
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