Recommend a good working configuration for 2'nd PC, what OS etc

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Are there any considerations you would take in to account when buying a 2n'd PC Specifically for using multiplicity?

(Could anyone recomend a good configuration for a second PC).


The questions I'm asking myself are. . .


Will Multiplicity run on XP pro 64 and XP Pro 32?

Do The two PC's need to have an identical OS, could I run XP 32 bit on one PC and XP 64 bit on the second?

Can I drag and drop files between apps in the same way as I would be able to with both apps on a single pc?

When running two apps and moving between screen, will both apps remain running exactly as they were (will they remain focused) this is important because I'm using a video app that will stop all it's tasks the moment any othe app on the same PC is interacted with, hence my need possibly to buy another PC and Multiplicity.


I would really appreciate your help.





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