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After finding out my new classes, i realized i will have plenty of time to start work on a new project.  I have decided to create a new website for myself.  I have been hosting a website on my home computer for a long time now, and the current edition is not only old and ugly, but non browser safe.  I use my website to host all of my music so i can listen to it while at school (or anywhere).

The current edition uses a customized QuiXplorer to list all of the music i have.  I also use XSPF music player to stream music.  I made a playlist system by automatically adding an entry to an xml playlist file when a user clicks a link, but the user would have to refresh the player to relode the playlist.  The site is hacked together in many ways, part of it on a godaddy server, the rest on my home server.

So, plans for the new version:

Create a template

Create a login system

Create a music listing with search capabilities.  Might still use my modified QuiXplorer for this, not sure.

Find or create an on the fly playlistable flash music streamer


What i will be using:

GIMP, Notepad++, Synology NAS with built-in php+mysql webserver


I will post updates as i progress through this project

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best of luck

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How did this proceed?

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