GTA 4, Games for Windows Live, Rockstar social club and DRM issues.

stupid drm scheme inhibt the enjoyment of my game playing experiences.

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Hello Everyone,


This is going to be my first rant/bitching about how DRM scheme interferes with my gaming experience.  As some of you know my on the impulse SD channel, i am pretty netural about things like SecurRom/Starforce.  Previously when i purchased games like Fallout 3, The Witcher or X3 Terran conflict, they all have their share of the aforementioned DRM scheme.  It never intefere with how i enjoyed my games, because it is pretty unnoticeable.


However, after  purchased my GTA 4, i realized to my rude realization that i have to go online to do some pain in the ass activation, I was annoying as hell, because if i did not have internet connections, i would not have been able to play the game.  I said fine, whatever, even though i read that it installs some crap securom programs on my comp and i might not able to get rid of even though with secruRom uninstall i downloaded.   I said okay, fine again whatever, as long as i get to play the game.

Then..i realized that something call Rockstar Social club was installed, i thought this was something like gamespy mulliplayer logon client, so i uninstalled. Well lo, and behold, my game won't run, telling me i needed that to get the game to run.  I went installed again, then telling me that i can't save my games UNLESS I CREATED AN ONLINE ACCOUNT on that stupid social club thingie.  and also i need t have games for windows live.  That just push me to the corner.  I said "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS"  I am sorry for my language, but i have been playing games since the old NES days, and i never in my life have i not been able to save within a game.  This is jsut plain f**king wrong and pathetic.  So at the menu of GTA 4, i got a bunch of news from this social club thingie plus options to play soem stupid vides that other players have put up.  I have no problem with having a game allowing multiplayer, but don't push it on me making me feel like i have to do X, Y and Z, just to fulfil some reuirement to ensure that i did not steal this game, that i bought it legally, and that so i can have an opportunity to save midgame.

So if i don't have internet connection, even if i play the game, i can't be able to save.  And when i play a game, i might not want to do multiplayer, even if it is offered.  Especially not for GTA 4, why, i play slowly with GTA 4, because i get dizzy from the control schemes if i move too fast.  So i can just ignore multiplayer, hence i don't care.   But..nooooo, they put a virtual gun to your head telling you. And if i want to play multiplayers, i go and play WoW, or anything else of my choice.

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